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These signed two sided flat porcelain ornaments are imaged right here in my studio.    The images are not "glued" to the surface, but the inks are actually transfered into the surface using the same process I use to produce my mugs and tiles.   They are approximately 3" in height. NOTE:...

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This pack of 50 postcards features the county map of West Virginia on the front and other important facts on the back.   It has been a classroom favorite for years as a handout to encourage the students to learn the names and locations of the states 54 counties.

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An assorted pack of 24 4x6 postcards from across the state and key items about the state.  includes a WV flag card and one with a county map.  Great educational resource for teachers.    Can be used in a variety of ways including bulletin boards, and class assignments (give each student a card...

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This 36 page (including the covers) 7x10 book is an activity book designed to be an interactive platform for kids 8-11.   It focuses on West Virginia  history and culture with puzzles, writing, interviews, and other activities.  ISBN 978-1-942477-02-0

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This is a 2 sided 4x12 laminated card packaged with a dry erase marker that allows the beginning birder to check common birds that they have identified on an outting or just at the bird feeder.  The images are ones that I have captured over the last couple of years at my own feeder and in the...

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Can't find the image of mine you have seen in my selection here on Our-WV.com?   No problem.   I can make the item in a print, either on paper, canvas, canvas wrap, or any of the other products that I produce for Our-WV.com like mugs, tiles, etc.    First, Contact me through this site and let...
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