• Why do I see sub orders in my order history?
Any order you place on the site may contain items from different vendors. This implies that your order may have more than one suborder; these are shipped by the vendors separately.
  • Why do I receive my order in many parts?
Any order you make can contain items from many vendors, these suborders are handled by each vendor individually. That is why your items are delivered in parts.
  • What if I get my order in a damaged/bad condition?
The sellers are careful not to damage your orders after packaging and shipping them for you. If your order happens to be damaged, you can inform the seller and us to get return merchandise authorization from the seller to return the items.
  • How long will it take to receive my items?
Your items should reach you in less than 2 weeks. If you haven’t received your items in this span of time, please contact the merchant you purchased the items from immediately.
  • Can I purchase without registering?
Yes, but there are many advantages to registering, including the ability to converse with the merchant directly and trace your shipments. You will also enjoy the fact that the software remembers your shipping address and other relevant items when you come back to order at a later date.

  • Do I need to do anything after I receive the items?
If you are registered you can login to the system using the “My Customer Account” button near the top of the page and update the status of each sub-orders (if any) to 'delivered' after you get your items in good condition.
  • Can I sell my products on OUR-WV.com?

To become a vendor/artisan on OUR-WV.com you first need to register as an Artisan with the site.  Click on the "Artisan Services" button near the top of the page and select "Register as a New Artisan", read the explanation and then go back and click on "New Artisan Application" to fill out an application to become a vendor.  NOTE: registering does not give you access to a store front on the site.  All vendors/artisans are juried by a group of peers before being accepted as a vendor.  You will be notified by the Admin about you success or failure.
  • What does it cost to sell on OUR-WV.com?

There is no fee to register or to list your products for sale. When you sell an item we will collect a 7.0% commission on that sale when it is completed.  The 7.0% commission also pays all of the credit card and Paypal fees of the sale.
  • What is the pop-up about cookies all about?
As a courtesy we are informing you that OUR-WV.com stores cookies on your computer or device so that we can enhance your shopping experience.  You can read more about cookies in our privacy policy